Dreaming of Death


This is the beautiful face of my friend and collaborator Andrew Hassenruck. We have gently known each other over some years. Now we are deepening the connection and warmth that was already there.

He makes films, finding the places where light pours in through the cracks. Dreaming of Death is our ongoing project. Neither one of us knows the destination, though it might be that I choose to end my life. We are in the not knowing together, he with his camera, both with our naked hearts. Filming happens in my bedroom, BedWorld as I call it, as sometimes it feels like the whole world. Andrew squashes into the minimal space available, and we take a few slow breaths together and see what is already here. It is incredibly exposing, in ways I didn’t imagine. It is intimate.

This is me making a place on Postcards From The Window Ledge, to keep a record of this enquiry. I’ll post the films as they happen in their running order, top to bottom.

If you’d like to know more about Andrew and his work, you can find him here: