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5 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. How fab that you’re doing this Caroline! Love that you’re offering and I hope receiving such love and connection xx

  2. …Well, now that I have set the intention & started out towards this new journey the doubts are following me around. Is it my own stuff? Am I just sabotaging my life? Is it my habit of always wanting to start a new? Will I really be better off? I am no longer a ‘spring chicken’ so will men like me for who I am now? Wishing to disguise my ageing exhaustion. Pretending I can do the same as the 25 next to me. Stepping forward anyway & hoping my feet do touch some solid ground…

    • Lovely to see you here Kim… thank you for showing up and saying how it is for you. I hear you darlin’. Stepping forward anyway, as you say, is I think, human prayer in action… what else can we do, except keep going until we run out of breath… love to you xx

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