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6 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. How fab that you’re doing this Caroline! Love that you’re offering and I hope receiving such love and connection xx

  2. …Well, now that I have set the intention & started out towards this new journey the doubts are following me around. Is it my own stuff? Am I just sabotaging my life? Is it my habit of always wanting to start a new? Will I really be better off? I am no longer a ‘spring chicken’ so will men like me for who I am now? Wishing to disguise my ageing exhaustion. Pretending I can do the same as the 25 next to me. Stepping forward anyway & hoping my feet do touch some solid ground…

    • Lovely to see you here Kim… thank you for showing up and saying how it is for you. I hear you darlin’. Stepping forward anyway, as you say, is I think, human prayer in action… what else can we do, except keep going until we run out of breath… love to you xx

  3. Hi Caroline. My old friend Fanny Behrens directed me to your blog after reading a post I’ve just uploaded to mine. It seems that we inhabit – some of the time, anyway – the same broad territory. Not a happy place to be, but clearly both of us are determined to try to put some flowers in the window whilst we’re here! My blog a/d is: I look forward to reading your reflections. Blue skies! Dick Jones

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