A song lives in Leonard.
It is most particular,
not from his belly nor lungs,
yet informed by breath.

The sound tenderness makes,
love distilled to spirit.
Sometimes, I imagine this world
without Leonard in it.

Terror and heart merge,
fell me to my knees.
I stay down there
until I can open again.

Sometimes when I lay on the Table of Mercy
in the skilful hands of my osteopath,
the same noise happens in my throat.
I am reminded of how he lives in me,

In my blood and bones,
and in my very own throat song.
I do wonder if somewhere, just out of sight,
he might be writing a poem about me.


(with gratitude and love to Rose Rouse for her editorial support, and for so much more)

One thought on “1825 DAYS WITH LEONARD (+1)

  1. Wow I love this Caroline, it takes me right there with such simplicity. I feel the same about Alfie’s gaze. I wonder what he sees when he looks into mine with such kindness and love. Maybe his doggy brain is thinking “who do you think you’re looking at?”

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