Death & Gratitude


I’m so grateful to my friends at for encouraging and chivvying my write. Special thanks to the very special Rose Rouse.

It is particularly poignant to be publishing this piece on the day another valiant friend’s funeral takes place in Paris. Another notch on the bedpost of depression, another precious person couldn’t stay in this world any longer.

2 thoughts on “Death & Gratitude

  1. Hi Caroline,
    As usual, I like reading your postcard.
    It makes me think of the book I’m reading by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese buddhist monk who was nominated for the peace nobel price and who is seen as one of the “fathers” of mindfulness. It is called “no death, no fear”.
    One of the images he uses is the image of the wave. We are like waves on the ocean that come into being and disappear again. Before, after and during their “lifetime”, they are water.
    I like the way he explains ideas from buddhism in a simple and very kind way. His ideas make a lot of sense to me.
    Thank you for what you write.

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