Dog Days


Depression is my longtime companion
My faithful friend
It does not depart or forsake me
Depression is not at all impressed
by my pitiful spiritual endeavours.

Depression does crack a smile in the morning
When, in spite of nightly good intentions
To start anew, turn over that leaf
or clean, white page
I wake up with the same bad attitude.

Depression isn’t laughing quite so hard
Since Leonard The Dog came home
Despair gets its face licked in the morning, now
and Hopeless is beating a path to the outside world
Clutching poo bags and treats.

If dogs wrote self-help manuals, Leonard would write:
How To Get The Best Out Of Your Depressed Human
He would dedicate it to me
We would go on a promotional road trip
Probably in an open top car.

6 thoughts on “Dog Days

    • Me too… maybe if it doesn’t rain and the birthday gathering is able to be outside on the Heath, you will meet Leonard The Dog! Love to you xx

  1. good to get another postcard from you – I like the sound of Leonard’s book too – so are you going to scribe? X

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