Ragged Lullaby


My little life is tired now

It wants to slip
into a slipstream
of clear water
and be washed
out to sea

My ramshackle apologies for poems
and those postcards from the ledge
that catch the odd joke
as they fall
are not doing their job

My little life is tired now

My little prayers
My useless rage
My hopeless hope
The scratched out page –
All the tattered remnants
of the misremembered
and revised
are gathered at my bedside now
to gently close my eyes

I’m begging for some mercy
I’m begging to be blessed
I’m floating on a raft of lust
I’m hunting down my death

My little life is tired now
it’s curled up on this keyboard
to have a little rest

4 thoughts on “Ragged Lullaby

  1. A fabulous title, as ever – and the photo is wonderful too, relaxing and hopeful before the words, so beautifully reveal the struggle of difficult experiencings. May Merciful Blessings hold you in their caress like the sea this raft.

  2. Dear Caro this touched me to the quick. Especially the ‘useless rage’ and ‘hopeless hope’. And these lines are not apologies for poems they are beautiful poems that touch this reader deeply. I love the lust and the hunting down that are there alongside the craving for rest. You inspire me to go deeper and softer. Love xxx

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