riding the waves


Sometimes, I can’t quite find a poem
to get me through the day.
I crouch down behind the kitchen wall,
trying hard not to catch my own eye
in any reflective surface.
Where, oh where, are those threads of prayer
when the chips are down?

Sometimes, the only thing to do
is put my head down
and ride it out –
the taste of life going on, like a ripe fruit
with just that hint of death,
mixing up the sour and the sweet
in my tired mouth.

Sometimes, the only possibility
is to swallow it down and breathe out,
and in again.
Remember – new Leonard songs are coming,
you have a circle to cook for
and a small dog
is waiting to be born.

5 thoughts on “riding the waves

  1. Beautiful, darling. I’m riding the waves myself today. Just received a book by David Whyte and opened it at this poem this morning called Requiem which somehow was strangely comforting http://www.johnodonohue.com/memoria-in-memory-is-the-root-of-future/family-essays/the-wave-and-requiem . I’m feeling a lot of fear this morning but can also feel the hope and optimism in the background and occasionally it comes forward poking its tentative head out before retreating again into the blackness. I find if I can allow myself just to stay in my pj’s as I have today and potter I somehow do get some important things done. And I always get a surge of energy when I do something I have been putting off for a long time. And it’s important for me to connect even if it just throughthe techie airwaves. Thank goodness for Leonard, eh? xxx

    • Thank you Sister Lou. Waving at you, waving at me! Yes, thank goodness for Leonard, and dance floors and friends. Lovexxx

  2. I love witnessing you sharing these details of very personal difficulty as very personal poetry, given freely to everyone who is drawn to read it.

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