I light many candles
Every morning, when I stagger upward
I light the first one of the day
I keep a candle burning in the bedroom
and, you may not be surprised to hear
in the kitchen

On Sundays, I light a long, tapered candle
often, but not always, blue
I say – thank you life
for another week.
Having just performed this small ritual
I notice, my gratitude
is not wholly convincing

I used to think, Grace had a certain aesthetic
now, I learn, that Grace is Grace
that Light doesn’t mind
if I swear and bleed.
The candles forgive me
every time.

One thought on “Ritual

  1. lovely – love the photo and the words I’m rather aware of not commenting publicly – sorry – not yet ready to join up to wordpress or use my Facebook account…. but glad you are doing this, and I have faith that it will support others. love Joanna X

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